The amount of calories that you need to take in each day depends upon your height, your gender, your body type, and your activity level. There are hundreds of different calorie consumption guides online that will teach you how many calories you should be consuming each day based upon these factors. There are usually three choices when it comes to activity level – sedentary (which means that you do not exercise much at all), semi-active and very active. You are going to want to use the calories for the sedentary lifestyle, no matter how active you are.
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Men tend to lose weight much quicker than women. They also need more calories. Choose the ideal calorie amount that you need to sustain yourself based on these charts. Many of the charts will also tell you how many calories you need to take to lose weight. This will be slightly less than the amount you need to sustain your body. When you find the number of calories that you need for your body, cut it by 200 calories. For example, let’s just say that the calculator tells you that you need to consume 1800 calories a day based upon your height, sex, body type, and activity level. You will cut it to 1600 calories a day. This will speed up the weight loss process without making a dramatic change in the amount of food you take in.

Consumption of Calories!

Once you understand your calorie limit per day when on this diet to lose 20 pounds in three weeks, you can then figure out calorie consumption. You are consuming calories all of the time, by both drinking and eating. From this moment on, if you expect to lose the 10 pounds in two weeks, every single thing that you put into your mouth has to be accounted for. This includes even tasting food that you are cooking. You do not want to go past the calorie
limit that you have set for yourself.

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Years ago, you had to buy a book if you wanted to know how many calories were in a piece of chicken or in a hamburger. Today, you can just go on the internet to discover the calories any type of food contains. The more you look them up, the easier it will get for you to understand how many calories you are consuming. Many people who want to lose weight have no idea how many calories are in the foods that they eat and the drinks that they drink. Awareness of calorie intake is one of the key components to losing weight. Once you are aware of what you are eating and how it will impact weight loss, you will be more inclined to choose wisely.