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New SimplyHerbal Kamya Kesh Advanced Herbs Therapeutic Oil (Stops Hair Fall, Regrows Hair & Remove Dandruff Permanently) 100ml

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Simply Herbal is aware about the most basic requirements of its treasured customers. This has led to tremendous research and tests of a hair oil that will not only help fight dandruff, hair fall, lice, UV rays, pollution, and dirt but also make hair stronger, longer, shinier at the same time. Simply Herbal Kamya Kesh Advanced Herbs Therapeutic Oil does exactly the same for you. Have happier hair with Simply Herbal Kamya Kesh!


1) Apply oil gently over the scalp, rub and pat over the area where you feel hair loss is most and towards the length.

Reason: Rubbing oil over scalp makes hair roots strong by absorbing oil better.

2) Massage it thoroughly for 15 minutes.

Reason: Massaging improves blood flow rejuvenating hair follicles.

3) Leave overnight.

Reason: This leads to complete absorption of oil and nutrition needed by hair roots.

4) Wash your hair with room temperature water. Use any shampoo as this oil is made in a way that chemicals in shampoos will not damage hair after using this oil.

Reason: Hot water weakens hair root. Its always better to wash hair with room temperature water

5) Never use hard water to wash your hair. Use the water that you use to drink to wash your hair as it is more gentle on your hair.

Reason: Hard water results in more hair loss. It weakens hair roots.

6) When using shampoo, just let a small amount of hair oil be on your scalp. Don’t clean it all. 

Reason: Applying a lot of shampoo damages hair and rubbing it on roots leads to weak roots. So use only little amount of shampoo to clean oil.

7) Never use hair dryer.

Reason: Heat from hair dryer is damaging to hair root and hair length.

8) Do not use any other hair oil while using Kamya Kesh.

Reason: Kamya Kesh has 16 natural herbs, 3 pure natural oils and certain ingredients that work together to stop hair fall, dandruff and give you long, shiny, thick hair. Using other oils while using Kamya Kesh may lessen the potency and not work as intended.

9) Apply three times a week for maximum results.

Reason: Maximum and quick results can be obtained by applying three times a week. You will start seeing results after just two uses.


Luscious Locks | 16 Natural Herbs | Zero Chemicals


  • Repairs Damaged Hair
  • Enhances Quality Of Hair
  • Protects Against UV Rays & Pollution
  • Helps Make Hair Stronger
  • Restricts Dandruff & Fights Lice
  • Stops Hair fall
  • Re-grows Hair
  • Increases Hair Length
  • Thicker, Shinier Hair
  • Healthy Scalp

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SimplyHerbal Kamya Kesh Advanced Herbs Therapeutic Oil (Stops Hair Fall, Regrows Hair & Remove Dandruff Permanently) 100ml

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So many hair oils in the market yet you look for the one that just might tick. Kamya Kesh is one such oil. It is one solution to all your hair problems be it dandruff, hair fall, hair loss, thinning, split ends, dryness, roughness, breakage, weak roots, clogged hair follicles, no hair growth and so on.

  • Kamya Kesh has hair healing properties. It permeates deep inside so that it can enter the hair cuticle and nourish the strand from root to tip, leading to increased blood flow, cleaner scalp, healthier hair follicles, complete eradication of dandruff, longer tresses. Regular and as advised use of Kamya Kesh, is your complete hair care regimen, you don’t need to go to a salon or shed extra bucks for hair spas and treatments.
  • 16 natural herbs like Indian Gooseberry, Fenugreek, Aloe Vera, Hibiscus, three important pure natural oils and many other ingredients and zero chemicals.
  • Kamya Kesh will help you accomplish glossy, shiny, strong, healthy, thick locks that you have always dreamt of.
  • Stops hair fall, re-grows hair, stops dandruff in just three times in a week for three months use.
  • Do not worry while using chemical shampoos now, Kamya Kesh Hair Oil makes sure that these chemicals don’t damage your hair.
  • Longer, thicker, shinier, healthier, happier hair.
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